How to Configure Search & Instant Search?

Hello, how is your search working? how can you display the results you need, how to search only the product names and how to make it display relevant results fist?

my site is no working on full search, it only works on instant search, but once the button is hit for full search results, the results are usually zero.

Second issue with search: The very few queries where some items are shown in the search results, they are usually irrelavant since it keeps searching in the product page, how can we make it search only in the product title?

Can someone tell me what kind of settings you have to apply in order to show relevant results in the search results page? does the instant search influences the full search results? perhaps something is stuck in the code?

By the way, I have reindex and also clear cache every time. I have a screenshot of my settings.

All help is appreciated. Thanks~


I just tried it on your (nice looking!) site and it worked fine. So I think you've got it fixed?

Your listed store in your post seems like a magento store so I cant check it on your site but untick search by product code and maybe also search only by product name and see how that works.(or try one then the other) .They are conflicting with each other. Also your minimal phrase length is very low up the to at least three Id say.

I dont have any of these ticked and I am happy with my search results, I also have the user search results unticked as it causes weird extra search results to be show without images when I use it.


hello, the store is a new store, thank you