How to check if a product has features on the product page?

I am trying to display a box with the features of a product on its product page but if the product

does not have any features i don't want the box shown because it will end up being empty with

no features and just a box that says Product Features.

I tried writing an if statement to check if product.product_features array was greater than 1

but as it turns out that array is always greater than one. Apparently CS-Cart is returning all

features and variants and then uses a 'selected' key to determine what to actually show I think.

So, i'm at a loss for how to display certain parts of code if the product has features and hide that

part of the code when the product does not have features.

Example: ( here is a product shown

with features.

Here is a product shown without features

Anyone have any clues?

CS 2.2.2 pro