How To Change <Title> Tag


How we can change title tags

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Has this title tag

All vendors :: PROFIRST :: Motorbike Racing Gear :: BOOTS :: RACING BOOTS - Valuesbig -Moto Gear Shop

Where we can edit it


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The title is generated from breadcrumbs. How do you want to change it?

We wish to shorten the length so these are not cut out by search engines

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For example, to exclude subcategories from breadcrumbs, open the app/controllers/frontend/companies.php file and replace

fn_add_breadcrumb($cats[$c_id], "companies.products?category_id=$c_id&company_id=$company_id");


// fn_add_breadcrumb($cats[$c_id], "companies.products?category_id=$c_id&company_id=$company_id");