How to change the size of product images

Please can someone tell me how I change the size of the product images on the product detail and product list pages?

Also, how do I change the size of the small thumbnail images on the product detail page?


You should upload your product images at the size you want them to be when people click on “View larger image” - make sure they are not too large - it is up to you what size you want to make them.

As for the thumbnails for the product list page, you set this size under “Appearance Settings - Customer Settings - Thumbnail width …”. The thumbnail size for the images that appear on the product details page is set in the product details page. If you add a new product, you will see “XXX px width if thumbnail field is empty (change width ››)” - click on “change width” and you can change the width there. Once you have changed it, all future thumbnails for the product details page will be created at the new size.

So … the thumbnail width on the product list page is controlled under “Appearance Settings” and the thumbnail width on the product details page is controlled by the setting when you create the product.

Just a note, if you already have thumbnails created at 85 x 85, just changing the size under any of these settings to make them larger will make them very unclear. I have just successfully resized around 20,000 thumbnails by exporting my product list, changing the settings and then re-importing the whole list.

I hope this all makes sense.

Sorry - I just realised this post is under CS-Cart 2.0.

Maybe there is a moderator there who can delete my reply as I am using a different version of CS-Cart (1.3.5).

So spirt, please ignore my reply above.


Thanks for taking the time to reply Lyn - I think the method is fairly similar under V2.

However - what I want to do is to make the initial image that is displayed on the product details page bigger - and maybe/maybe not remover the “view larger image” option altogether - it seems crazy to me that the image on the product details page is so small, and yet there is all that white space to the right of it doing nothing…

can anyone else chip in?

Hi Spirt,

I have not been able to change the image size in the product detail, I think it can be done in the code, I’ll look into that. I have not been able to make product features work (option work), and have not been able to put that pretty yellow box around the product price and options as seen on the demo. Any luck with that?