How To Change Expiration Dates In Variations?

We are in the process of updating our webshop in which we sell nutritional supplements.
A number of products are variations of the same product in different flavours.

As an option, Im used to changing the expiration dates to the date that is being sold.

The field that is normally used for the expiration date, displays "see options for date"

But now we are into the transition of going to the version in which the option has become a variation, changing the date in the variation, suddenly can't be edited! So rather than change the date from say October 2022 to April 2024 I can't !

From what I understand that's a given? I see that every product now also has a page of its own , so much so that it is very difficult to see the differnce between the 'master' page and the variant page, until you click on it.

How do I proceed now? If the variatioin can't be edited, do I delete the variation entirely and then add it again, but now without the information on expiration? And then put in the expiration dates individually on each page?

Never mind, found it in the feature dropdown where I can edit it, but boy, is this ever confusing! Very difficult to see what's the 'master' page with all of the info and the variants.. feeling like separating all of the flavours and make them into a product of its own rather than be eternally confused all of the time!