How To Change Compact-View Image


I see the admin section where you can specify image size for different parts of CS Cart, including for two out of the three category list views (grid, and product list view), but nowhere on here does it mention anything about the third category list view: compact list (or short list view?). Is this an oversight on the part of the programmers or is this intentional? Or, am I missing something?

I have searched the forums, but the ONLY reference or answered question to how to adjust compact list view was for a 3.0xx CS Cart version from 2010 which is no longer applicable to current version, and then, you had to manually go into the template file and change the fixed number image width set at "40".

If this is a manual fix, why provide for easy admin setting of two list views and leave out the third? This failure to go the last mile, or provide suitable explanation of this admin setting exclusion is what causes unnecessary frustration for users on an otherwise almost perfect cart like CS Cart.

Thanks for sorting this perplexing problem out...

Please change the following template


    {assign var="image_width" value=$image_width|default:60}
    {assign var="image_height" value=$image_height|default:60}