How to boost your sales on holidays?

:christmas_tree:How to boost your sales on holidays? :santa:


Christmas is on the way :slight_smile:

On holidays, people spend a lot of money to please loved ones. You can make them happy :slight_smile:

We can give you some tips to increase the sales of your online store or marketplace during the days of high shopping activity.

Promotions, discounts, exclusive gift bundles

Think about what promotions you can offer: buying 2 products with the discount, 1 + 1 = 3, etc.

With almost any product, you can make interesting bundles for the upcoming holidays. But it is necessary to understand and research the clients needs. It is important to match the current needs of the target audience.

Choose your add-ons:

  • Multiple Deals Plus - CS-Cart add-on Multiple Deals Plus adds a countdown discount timer on the store pages. These discounts are time-limited.
  • Affiliate Light - Get a clear view of payouts, track stats & manage promos
  • Extended promotions - Make your store promotions more effective
  • Buy more - Motivate your customers to buy more with the special notifications — inform them about quantity of products and total amount required to get the various bonuses like: discount, gift certificate, bonus points

Gift cards and promo codes

Gift card is an all-purpose gift. And if it is also decorated in a New Year’s style: in a decorative envelope and with a warm wish, then this is a ready-made solution to the problem for those who have no time to think about what to give.

Holiday specials work best. Develop some suitable scenarios:

  • flash sales with a limited number of products;
  • gift cards with different quality;
  • gifts for the first 10/20/50 customers who make a purchase on certain days or hours;
  • discounts when buying 2-3 items;
  • bonuses for orders;
  • personal promo codes.

Choose your add-ons:

Set the timer

To boost your advertising, you can use the “lost profits” syndrome. This is a FOMO marketing technique that works great.

Essence: the offer is limited in terms of time and requires an instant decision.

Example: a New Year’s discount on a TV is valid only for 2 days, have time to pick it up.

A countdown timer that shows the seconds until the expiration of the promotion is placed on the main page of the site or in the product cards.

Another option is to add a timer to your cart. It will remind the buyer that they need to urgently place an order, as the reservation for the chosen product is about to disappear

Choose your add-on:

  • Countdown promotion timer - Allows to display the remaining promotion time in the form of countdown timer on a product/category page. This add-on helps to attracts customers’ attention to store promotions and as a result increase sales.
  • Multiple Deals Plus - CS-Cart add-on Multiple Deals Plus adds a countdown discount timer on the store pages. These discounts are time-limited.

Email marketing, messengers, notifications

Discounts, promotions, bonuses and other loyalty system tools work if the client already knows about them or remembers you.

Your holiday offers should not go unnoticed.

You can notify market customers about your holiday activities using mailing lists: segment them according to certain criteria and send different offers to certain groups.

Choose your add-on

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