How to block ordering to a certain country

Some of my products will be impractical to ship over seas. Is there a way to ensure that no one can place an order for certain products?

I know I can have text stating that policy for a certain product but I don’t want to have to deal with refunding an order placed by mistake.

You can set up Localizations which will allow you to create separate catalogs for different locations.



When using localizations for a category or product, does a shopper “see” that product before he “registers or signs in”?

Yes he does and he can change his localization from the ‘Your location’ dropdown. It would be nice if the initial location was set using geoip.


So, you can place things in the cart before signing in (and knowing you don’t qualify to buy that product), so how does it work to get them back out of the cart.

Items not available will be automatically deleted from the cart when you change the localization in the “Your location” dropdown.


Is there any way to have them not viewable to casual browsers and before they enter their address when checking out?

Not as it works now - it would require some customization.

It will not let the customer through checkout (shipping unavailable message) with an item not allowed to a shipping destination, but I can see how this would cause confusion.

Might be worth putting this into the Bug Tracker as a feature request - display restricted products only after authentication.