How to block indexing of products/categories for all storefronts except one

Site is running Store Builder Ultimate.
Site is using Product SEO URL format = /category-name/[subcategory-name/]product-name/

I want to block web crawlers from indexing any products under a category for all storefronts except one. My understanding is that I will need to apply a robots.txt setting for the exception storefront that differs from all the other storefronts.

What would be the syntax required in robots.txt to block the category products?

I’m not overly knowledgeable about SEO, but my understanding is that I should also apply noindex to the individual pages. From my searching here, I believe that requires an update in indexation.php, but please confirm.

Finallly, I have a general question. When a change is made to a php sourcefile (like indexation.php) and then CS-Cart is updated, do changes get overwritten such that they need to be manually re-applied after the update?

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You can specify robots.txt for each store-front on the Website → SEO → robots.txt page. You can use the following line

Disallow: /category-name*

Yes, the upgrade will override core changes