How To Block Certain Countries To View My Store?

Hi all,

I want to block some specific countries not to view my store. (crawlers or bots may welcome).

They can see a 4xx page or sthg like that.

Is there a specific add-on or how can I do it manually.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Out of the box you can only enable Access restriction module and disable country IP addresses range there.

I checked that add-on, however, it will only works for administrator and customer area and not for specific IPs for IPs that tried unsuccessful login attempts.

Created for security I suppose.

You are wrong. Please find some details here

I am getting the pop-up page in the photo rather than the page in the link.

Does my module old? or is there sth i am missing.


Please use Access restrictions link in the Add-ons menu. Check image below