How To Assign A 'page' To A Custom 'layout'

Maybe/Hopefully I’m missing something very simple but I need some help.

MV 4.2.2

We have the ability to add ‘New Layout’ and have done that with our desired grid (basically just a full width main content block).

Where or how do I assign one of my pages to my new custom layout?

Thanks in advance.

Disabling the 4 wide grids/blocks just leaves blank space but does not cause the main content block to fill to 16 wide (if I try to disable those blocks on the page).

Although I still do not quite understand our ability to 'Add Location' and not assign it to a specific page, I did work through and accomplish my goal.

I added a full width (16) grid and block to my 'Pages' layout, below the existing other grids and blocks and did the necessary 'Disabling' for my desired content to only show on that specific page. Hopefully this will help someone else and I can elaborate if necessary.

I'm having this issue.

I did what you said but for don't know want reason, the page stays the same.

I just need a way to have a page without the “my account” widget on the left.