How to allow customers to change their Open orders?

How to allow customers to make changes in their orders with status Open or for example “Not available”? Very often people order unavailable products and we lose lots of time to change orders for them.

Unfortunately, the customers do not have such an ability. Try to find module with required functionality on the marketplace


Could you please clarify why they are buying products that are out of stock? Are you keeping your products with Track inventory: No option or are you using the Allow negative amount in inventory option in your store? Instead of changing already placed orders, I can recommend you to prevent such a situation that customers in your store can buy products that are out of stock, I think this will be easier way.

As a possible solution, I would still insist on managing the amount of product in stock rather than making changes to orders already placed.

Hello, we use “Track inventory: No”. We cannot track inventory as we do wholesale drop shipping and also offer possibility for partial delivery. We just display table of available options but some people don’t see it and some are too lazy to check.

Would be great if one existed but unfortunately couldn’t find.