How to add12 month payment plan price on products

Is there any why to offer and show monthly payment plan on items

Let´s say if there is a item that cost 850USD and we offer 12 month payment plan of 76 USD per month is there any add-on that can do this for me ?

Hi Bjarki,

Do you use PayPal?

You can setup a Recurring Payment / Installment Plan type button through PayPal.


Then just put the Installment Plan button on your product page and setup that item through Cs-Cart as a non-purchasing type item (so there is no add to cart button … but your Installment Plan button will be there. Or sort of like in the picture below, use the Add to Cart button if they want to Pay In Full right now or refer them to the Installment Plan button to make the month payments.

The pictures on the PayPal page are very good and show in detail how it can look for you during this type of PayPal checkout.

I hope this helps!


Hi Tim,

Thank you !! :)

But no i don´t use PayPal, This is all in icelandic króna and all payment plans are on credit cards,

i´m looking for something like this,