How To Add Rating Schema On My Site?

I Want Add Rating Star Schema On My site for All pages but i don't know how to add & where to add

What kind of information do you want to display on all pages in rating schema?

You should implement schema on each product page you want to display rating. Schema can find your existing rating and display it in result pages. I mean you need to have implemented rating script or use, for example, google my business to get opinions and then implement schema code according to this instruction:

hi, i want schema rate count in the categories. i tried not active.

{$discussion = $categories.categories_id|fn_get_discussion:"C":true:$smarty.request}

{include file="addons/discussion/views/discussion/components/stars.tpl"



and schema

"ratingValue": "{$categories.discussion.average_rating}",

"ratingCount": "{$}"
please help thank you very much!

Please try

{$discussion = $category_data.category_id|fn_get_discussion:ā€œCā€:true:$smarty.request}

:grin: thanh you eComLabs very much!, code actived , hope to get more help from you!!!

Please try

{$discussion = $category_data.category_id|fn_get_discussion:ā€œCā€:true:$smarty.request}

You are welcome!