How to add previous / next arrows to product view?

Does anyone know how I could add simple “previous” and “next” links to every product page, so our customers would not have to go back every time they click on a product back to the listing, only to click again etc?

Thank you very much in advance!

I remember I’ve read already such a discussion about privious / next buttons in the product view…

I know they’ve made such buttons only yet for the admin panel while editing a product… in the product view for customers I haven’t seen it yet.

see this post: [url][/url]


[quote name=‘JohnCarroll’]see this post: [url][/url]


John, or someone else, can you confirm this code is still working with the actual 2.1 version? The thread you’ve linked is already 3 years old.

Use the code from post No 45 which works in the current versions. I am using it on my site: [url][/url]


Post No45 is also outdated for 2.1.4 version, but I found the solution here: [url][/url]

Icons for previous / next can get downloaded from here:



Save them in this directory:

/skins/[Your Skin]/customer/[COLOR=“Blue”]images[/COLOR]/