How To Add Paypal In View Cart?

I want to know how should i add the paypal button in view cart, i mean buyer have to click checkout to pay through paypal but without clicking checkout button, how can they purchase through paypal…

Try the Paypal Express payment gateway. (Different part of the list of supported gateways - at the top)

Thanks mate but paypal express not showing item description and price, only showing Current purchase on Paypal site… please help.

Would be best to performn test TXN’s with:

  • Paypal express
  • Paypal
  • Payflow / Payflow pro (“Pro” Paypal)
  • other Paypal generics.

    Give them a try. Depending on your API setup and other setup / configuration data, you will experience different results.

    Perhaps send a couple of emails to Paypal and Payflow Pro?

    I can’t say I’ve had any complaints from customers about this, so haven’t tried to fix it before.

    Good luck :)