How To Add Folowing Type Of Product

I wand add products name

Type 1. Product name Xyz size width 4"x thickness 3" length 7 feet quantity will be in cubic cft = 0.58 (example calculation 4x3x7/144 = 0.58 cft) Prise applying by per cft

type 2. Xyz Round Logs Mid Girth (CM) 68 Cm length 240 Cm Volioum Cubic Meter no. 1 quantity will be in CBM (Cubic Meter) = 0.069 (example calculation 240x68X68X1/16000000 = 0.069 CBM) Prise applying by per sqf

type 3. Xyz size width 48"x length 96" thickness 19mm quantity will be in sqf = 32 Quantity 1 (example calculation 48x96X1/144 = 32 sqf) Prise applying by per sqf

It's not clear what you need? Do you want to add options in the product name?

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