How to add custom fields to vendor & customer registration


I have installed MV Edition 2.2.2 and would like to know how to add ‘custom fields’ to the Vendor’s and Customer Registration form. Can anyone help on this?

Thanks in advance…

See the profile fields under the customers tab:

Thanks for that but I want to a new field to the 'Vendor's Registration form. Any help? Much appreciate thanks

I'm looking for the same. I would like to add a couple of fields to the vendor registration form as well as a check box asking if they agree to the terms and conditions.

Hey I came up with a work around on this one. Testing it now to see if it will meet our needs. Create a “form” by going to Website > Content > Add Page > Form Builder. Then add all the fields you need and the email address you want it sent to. It won’t automatically create an account in the system (you’ll have to do that manually), but at least you can add what ever fields you need. We’ll need things like the FEIN (if you’re in the US) now with the new IRS regulations.

Hope this helps someone. :D

Sounds good but it would have been better if we could add custom fields to the vendor too just like we can add customer fields.

Thanks for the idea anyway.

How i can add fields to the Vendor registration?

Any ideias?

Hi all,

We have new add-on you can check:

This add-on creates custom fields for vendor registration form.


Himanshu Dangwal