How To Add Configurable Products (Overcomplicated)

I have a vendor looking to add variable products with different weights, but the system seems so unnecessarily complicated (or maybe I am just doing it wrong)

How can a vendor add global options? Whenever I try to i get an error saying "please specify category" but there is no category option when adding a new option? (screenshot included)

Is there an easier way just to add variants so shops can simply add them to products, whats the best way of doing it?

It's so much more complicated on Cs-cart than any other system and it's quite frustrating, maybe I am doing it the wrong way, but the system is not self explanatory to new users.

option error.png

I don't think vendors can set global options. However, they should be able to use global options set by the administrator. I.e. standard things like Size, Color, Orientation, etc. should be able to be set as global options and used by Vendors. But I don't think a vendor can set a global option whereby it is only available for their products (which would be what's be needed). But not sure. Probably one of the other admins of MVE stores can better answer.