How To Add Brand Logo Image In Product Page

How to add brand logo image in product page.

This is default feature of the “Big picture template” product template. You can use the new template or copy the necessary part of code to the default template.

Default template:


Big picture template:


Thank you

Not Work

Please clarify what did you do?

You do have to turn the feature on so that it will “Show in header on the product detail page”.

Products>Features>{select your brand feature name}>tick the check box for “Show in header on the product detail page”

It works with the Big Picture template which you can select on the Settings>Appearance form.

The brand logo is too small, unattractive, and in a weird place on the page, but it works. A nice modification for this would be to place the brand name (hyperlinked) under the logo and enlarge the image size of the logo and reduce the padding. But it's got to be moved from where it displays by default, ABOVE the price gives it too much priority for me.

thank you