How to add an extra print option on admin order page

How do you add an extra printing option in the admin orders page?

Ive modified the 'packing slip' to include a 1st class PPI from royalmail, when you click

the 'print packing slip' its printed with the address label with the stamp impression just


id like to add another link to enable me to add another 'print packing slip' but the 'packing slip'

will be slightly different with a 2nd class PPI image included in it.

Im thinking all itll be is putting another link in to this page, say 'print packing slip 2' and having

that link to the second modified 'packing slip' in skins/basic/mail/orders/print_packing_slip_2.tpl

the 2nd tpl is exactly the same as the first just with a different image at the top

I had a look with firebug at this page, but haven't got a clue where to put another 'tool-link'


Print invoice

Print invoice (pdf)

Print packing slip

Edit order

Request a replacement or a refund


Did you ever manage to resolve this? I'm trying to do something very similar!