How to add advanced search options?

Hi all

i’ve been trying to add search options in the advanced search form, for istance:

my shop sells books, i would like to give the possibility to search books by several criteria like author, book company, isbn code, year of publication etc.

i tried to add these options as features in my products, but that didn’t do the trick.

i tried to search the forum for solutions, somebody says it’s sufficient to add features to products to show them as criteria in the advanced search, somebody else says they hardcoded the fields they wanted to show in the search.tpl file, and some others threads don’t have replies at all.

can you please help me? :confused:

thanks a lot

See my post here - [url][/url]. This will include the features on your advanced search page.

Hi Lyn

thanks for your reply

i already tried to do what you wrote in your thread but with no success…i added the bit of code in red to my search.tpl page but no changes were made, it still looks like nothing happened :???: :confused: maybe there’s something else to do after/before that operation?

Try clearing your template cache. Point your browser to [url]http://YOURDOMAIN/admin.php?cc[/url]. If you have changed the name of admin.php, use your substituted file name.


Do you have product features set up?

eheh sure :smiley:

ok i’ll try to force clearing cache, i thought it was sufficient to turn force compile ON but maybe it’s not enough…

thanks for your help, i’ll report if everything’s ok or not!

Here i am again!

I added the “advanced_filter=Y” bit to the “common_templates/search.tpl” page, cleared the cache, enabled force compile, but still nothing…

Do I have to set up product filters or features? i tried both but nothing seems to work…

I feel so n00b :smiley:

You need to set up product features.

:\ that’s what i did…

i created products into categories, then set up product features inside the “product” section…maybe features need to be global features instead of single-product ones, in order to be “searchable” in the advanced search page?

I think you are correct that the features have to be global. I haven’t had much to do with version 2, only helping set up one site for a friend, but the product features were created under Categories/Product Features and they are set up to display on “All Categories”. They are displaying under “Ungrouped Features”.

I hope this helps.

This is what i have set up in the product features screen:


The features are not bind to a particular category, they are enabled for all categories…

i can’t understand why it’s not working :confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks for the help Lyn :cool:

I’ve just had more of a look at the site I helped set up. You need to have filters which filter by the product features, if that makes sense. I think you will also need to have some products with the options completed for these to appear. I have not had much experience at all with version 2 as I only helped set up the bookshop site for a friend. However, try setting up the features and the filters and see how you go.

Ok thanks! i’ll give it a try tomorrow morning :wink: i’ll let know how it goes…thanks again!