How to add a note section to checkout

I would like to add a note section to the checkout page.

I use google checkout for processing payments.

Could someone please help?

Thank you!

Have you tried going to the Admin/Design/Blocks Checkout Blocks and adding a block there with your info?

That probably won’t work for Google Checkout since it never uses the cart’s checkout page. The OP needs to contact the Google Checkout Forum. Google checkout goes to GC from the cart, the cart checkout page never enters into the equation.

I tried the GC forums but didn’t get any response there.

Is there a feature in cs-cart that the customer can choose certain features for the product from a drop down menu and what they choose comes through in the title of the product.


Product: Shirt

Features: Red and White

Manufacturer: Lacoste and Ralph Lauren

Look into option combinations, that seems to be what you are looking for. It has nothing to do with checkout, it has to do with having options determine a unique sku to use for a product before it can be added to the cart.