How to add a new tab in admin page?


I’m new with CS-Cart and currently want to explore more about the features. Currently, I want to explore about addons and menu admin. I’m trying to add a new tab menu on admin menu, but I have a obstacle when adding the menu. this is my on app/myaddons/schemas/menu/

$schema['central']['admin_vendor_new_menu'] = [
    'title' => 'New Menu',
    'attrs' => [
        'class' => 'is-addon'
    'position' => 700,
    'href' => '#',

return $schema;

But the menu didn’t show up. May i know there’s missing step from my process? thank you.


Of what i remember it is not possible i in newer version software.

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Have you tried to add subitems?

Starting from version 4.12.1, the possibility to add new root menu items in the admin panel is restricted:

Only submenu items are allowed.

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