How to add a new skin to admin in 3x

Using 3x, I have modified the Basic skin and would like to rename it to something else. I renamed the Basic template via Template Editor and the skin disappeared from that page. The files were still there but in the renamed folder. I edited the manifest.ini file so that the description showed the new skin name but still no luck. Tried clearing the cache, added &cc to the URL etc.

I suspect I've misunderstood how the process should be done. What is the correct procedure for adding a new skin to the drop down in template editor?

Shouldn't the skin repository files be stored in /var/skins_repository/ - if you select a theme for the first time in the drop-down list, it gets copied from this location to the /skins/ location, therefore I assume it's got to be in the /var/skins_repository/ folder with a unique name as per manifest.ini to be loaded into the CS-Cart template drop down.


Newbie, here…

This might be a great way for me to…

  1. Back up the Basic Skin by renaming a copy,

  2. Begin modifications on the Basic Skin,

  3. Revert back to the unmodified Basic Skin when I inevitably screw it up and want to start over.

    This sounds to me like a good suggestion for anyone just starting out. Maybe this should be part

    of the Installation directions?