How To Add a New Page on Admin Panel

I need help , I want a new custom page on admin panel , because I want to make my own crud with approval.


You will need to create a controller and a view

controller file:


controller content:


use Tygh\Registry;

if (!defined('BOOTSTRAP')) { die('Access denied'); }


if ($mode == 'approval') {


view file:


view content:

{capture name="mainbox"}



{capture name="adv_buttons"}

{capture name="buttons"}

{include file="common/mainbox.tpl" title=__("approval") content=$smarty.capture.mainbox adv_buttons=$smarty.capture.adv_buttons buttons=$smarty.capture.buttons}

For this example I use “My Changes” add-on and needs to be activated.

I hope the above is useful to you.

If you need professional help in developing it please PM me.


Please also do not forget about official documentation

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yes I followed that btwy, But thanks to @hungryweb my path on views is corrected, In addtion can you help me override the menu.tpl ? I just need to add new menu on it

Noting they are about to roll out a new backend you might want to hang back, could change … otherwise find the menu tpl, copy it, modify it, activate my_changes addon and place it as an override tpl.

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