How to add a Google Ads Tag to cs-cart

i need to add this tag to cs-cart for google ads

how to do this

or is there a module i can use

Greetings, unlocksupport!

Please take a look at our add-on, it can be used for Google Ads remarketing.

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hi i check the addon

so this also verifie with google that there code is installed on the server

and do it work with php 8.0 and higher because many addons dont work yet for this

Hello, unlocksupport!

No clients told us that the add-on has issues with PHP 8.0 and higher, so it should work well.

Please clarify the rest of your message, it is not very clear to us.

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ok but can i add this

Set up a Google tag on your website

and then i need to veriffy it with google adds

thats the code i sended this i need to connect with google ads

Here is the free way thanks to @ecomlabs (the images have gone, but the method should be the same) How to add google adsense to CS-Cart

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I thought this could be added in a html block on all pages in design>layouts

{literal}<iframe src= tag here

height=“0” width=“0” style=“display:none;visibility:hidden”>{/literal}

Thx John AA+++
this worked perfect
gogo now find the script

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If you like to provide better data to google ads please pay attention to this article and addon