How Strong is Your Password?

Hello All,

Here is The Password Meter, a free online service that will gauge the strength of your password:

But, with The Password Meter, password length is limited to 16 characters.

To overcome this limitation, you need use Yet Another Password Meter, an other equivalent free service whom is unlimited in characters:

More, Yet Another Password Meter let you know an interesting “Original Score”.

Remember: More your password is longer, more is safer!

[QUOTE]Check out this table below. It shows the time an average computer will need to figure out the password for an account using certain programs (which, by the way, can be found FREE online!).

Source: [url][/url]


Now, what is your Yet Another Password Meter “Original Score”?

Lee Li Pop

I user 14 characters :slight_smile:

12 Characters with an Yet Another Password MeterOriginal Score” of 109.3:


And a The Password MeterBonus” of 126:


Lee Li Pop

Score: 100%

Original Score: 113.7

Before Redundancy Score: 113.7

Redundancy: 1.27

Complexity: Very Strong

Password Strength Meter v2 for cs-cart: link

What makes a strong password?

This quick password strength meter is meant to help users learn how to create stronger passwords.