How "remember Me" Could Be Selected Automatically


We have compulsory registration to view price/buy on our website, so people who visit often need to be logged in for more time

An helpful thing in this matter will be automatic selection of “Remember Me” check box in login screen (like its already selected on Cs cart forum login window - please see attachment above )

How could be same done to cs cart login page ?



Anybody ?

I did this in v3:

edit line 44 of [SKIN NAME]/customer/views/auth/login_form.tpl

add “checked” option to the input checkbox like this:

This part of the template's code is inside a hook, so you would be best served by making this change via my_changes.

Thanks MD

Will see if that works in 4.0.3

The easiest way to find the template that has some value you want to edit (for me anyway), is to look up the language variable in Languages admin, then I search the CS-Cart files for the variable.

So in this case I find that “remember me” is a language variable named “remember_me”. I search the files for “remember_me” and find it in the customer/views/auth/login_form.tpl template. If you know how to edit simple HTML, the rest is fairly straight forward.

Thanks MD

It worked !


But the default timeout after login is very less in CS Cart 4.0.3

Any way to increase the time out period ? as our site has login compulsory to view prices it will be helpful if customer is lgged in for as long as possible