How many people here are using 3D secure?

How many people here are using 3D secure? See poll…

I would say that 3D secure is the ultimate in shifting the risk to the bank and you can sleep at nigh when people put through massive orders… what do you think? I mean calling a customer to checkk things does not stop them from filing for a chargeback… they will still give it a shot



Lol… okay not a good topic I take it… np

Hello Badmaash,

We need to educate buyers, and explain how and why 3D secure is good for them.

Here is a part of my explanation text on credit card page:

[QUOTE]We use 3D Secure, a security code to 4 digits, the same kind of code you provide for a withdrawal of money from a cash machine.[/QUOTE]

Lee Li Pop

I think 3d secure is a must…

Its too easy to do a charge back…

I order goods, send goods to alternative address then one month later say that I did not authorize it

Now what the fkuc you suppose to do when the AVS was exact match on the billing address, the CVV code matched and you even called them…

At least with 3d secure with I see lots of big merchants using they can sleep at night with the risk shifted to the bank

I am going to switch mine on in a few days…

Whats your peeps experiences?

Never heard of it

Hello RacingProduction,

Here is an introduction to 3D Secure.

Lee Li Pop

I am a bit confused as to when I am and when I am not covered by 3d secure in the following circumstance…

Paypal says that I am only covered by 3d secure if the uers cards is 3d secure registered by Centinental says that I am covered regardless if the card is 3d secure registered or not as look as my site attempts to check…

What is right?