How long did it take to get your store up and running.

Hey guys just wanted to see in what kind of time frames you had your store up and running and making sales. I understand some peoples stores are more complex then others. I just would like to see the consensus on time from implementation to completion.

For me I have had cs-cart for about a week and i’m not doing it full time yet. Im still in uploading products phase.

I do not have a lot of products, but I did insert them by hand, one by one in 4 languages and modified the skin to suit me. Working extra full time (16 hours a day) I did it in about a week.

I switched from another cart and host to CS-Cart and CyberLNC. I have 10,000 active products. Simple answer was about 2 months. The detailed answer is below.

Here was my timeframe:

Aug-Sept 2009:

Researched over 40 different shopping cart companies and ultimately chose CS-Cart.

October 2009:

Purchased CS-Cart and started hosting with CyberLNC.

Created test site and started practicing transition of products, categories, etc. I also tried almost every option on the test site to see how things worked.

Read entire CS-Cart Manual and Knowledgebase so I understood all options and features.

November 2009:

Worked with CyberLNC and others to transition site on the 21st of November.

Up and running and receiving orders (knock on wood).

Hope that helps.


Wow it really looks like you did your work.

Took me about 2 weeks working only a couple of hours per day