How I can include phone number in packing slip

If any one know How I can include phone number in packing slip

please tell me .

thank you all

Add a formatted line to:


Using $ as the variable. If you have used a custom profile field in user profiles then you'll need to look at the database to determine it's id and then use $order_info.fields.

this code work perfect thank you .

Hi, Is this still good if we need to print the packing slip? if so can you please let us know the full code we can place in the shipment_products.tpl file. I am sorry, I am not a coder but trying to get the Customer Phone number in the packing slips we print for order fullfilment.

can you please correct my code here, I have extracted from the file:

{include file=“letter_header.tpl”}

[color=#0000ff]Customer Phone: $[/color]

{$lang.dear} {$order_info.firstname},


Customer Phone: $

Customer Phone: {$}


I changed the file but it does not reflect any change when I go view/print the packing slip. Maybe I am missing something here. I am usingg cscart professional ver.224.


Cleared your cache ?


I have added the code like shown below and just cleared the cache using &cc in the admin area.

file: skins/basic/mail/shipments/shipment_products.tpl

changed the code as:

{include file=“letter_header.tpl”}

[color=#0000ff]Customer Phone: {$}[/color]

{$lang.dear} {$order_info.firstname},

still I do not see Customer Phone number anywhere in the packing slip.


You might try (change the order of the if statements for the precedence you want)

{if $order_info.b_phone}
{assign var="pnum" value=$order_info.b_phone}
{elseif $order_info.s_phone}
{assign var="pnum" value=$order_info.b_phone}
{assign var="pnum" value=$}

Customer Phone: {$pnum}

Thanks for sending me the code.

It appears to me as if I am editing wrong file, no matter what changes I make or where I insert the code, it does not reflect any change when I view the packing slip. I have cleared cache after every change. Maybe there is some other file we need to modify instead of this one.

have you tried/ skins/yours-skin/mail/orders/packing_slip.tpl


Yes, this is the one, I have tried and it works. the actual filename is “print_packing_slip.tpl” Thanks

I'm not looking at this in detail, but isn't the print_packing_slip.html just a wrapper that adds head and body tags so it will be a complete page? I think it ultimiately includes packing_slip.html which is where the real content is stored/generated. You might be putting your html in the wrong section of the document.

Edit [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]" [/font][/color]print_packing_slip.tpl [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]"[/font][/color]

{if $order_info.s_country_descr}


{if $order_info.s_phone}