How Force Checkout Step 1 on Login/Account Creation

Hello All,

During the checkout process if a client isn’t logged in they are presented with Step one of the checkout process (One page Checkout), which is correct and all is good.

If they are already signed in and checkout they are presented with the usual checkout steps, this is also good.


I’m looking for a method to force the display of the custom client fields in step one every time that the client has logged in and clicks checkout, or logs in from the checkout page.

In other words, lets say that the client has added several items to their cart and they then click checkout…

They are presented with the checkout page as per usual and they are given the choices of logging in or creating an account etc. Once they have done this I need them to be taken to step one so that they are forced to update their contact information, once done and they click on the continue button the page should continue to operate as per usual.

They must also be presented with this information even if they are logged in prior to the checkout page.

In short I need to force the clients to update their contact information/custom fields on every checkout.

Suggestions or how to’s please.

If I understand correctly, you want CS-cart not to skip the address part when existing customers check out, right?

There is a thread about this here: [url][/url]

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

I’m pulling my hair out with this one :frowning:

Actually I’m wanting to not skip the previous block/step once logged in… I’d like them to confirm the custom field data there on every checkout.

So basically I want the 1st Step in the one page checkout to be forced.

I have included a quick snippet of the area I’m referring to :slight_smile:


Aha, now I get it… I don’t think this is an option in CS-cart, you have to modify the software a little bit.

I don’t know if you’re handy yourself, but if not you could ask one of the developers here to fix this for you… Joe did a couple of things like this for me very fast.

Or maybe somebody else can help you here?

Thanks for the responses Flow :slight_smile:

Anyone else know what I might do here?

I’m so so with php and can generally get the nity gritty done myself… Just need a tip/idea to start as I’m not to familiar with smarty and the design philosophy of CS-Cart as yet.


Anyone??? Please!