How does poll look at a customer?

I’ve been testing out the “poll” option on a new site and ran into an issue. I replied to my poll on my computer and then went up to another employees computer to see what their thoughts were when I noticed that their computer said they already replied. Then when I checked all 5 computers in our office I realized that all of the computers said that we had already “replied”.

My question is, does anyone know how the polls reads this? My guess it is looking at our IP address? If this is the case, isn’t this a flaw? I can understand blocking a pc by putting cookies, but to block a whole IP address seems strange. What if there are multiple people within an organization that want to order?

If this is how it reads it, is there a way to change it?

Yes allow users to vote mulitple times. Your server can only pick up the external IP of your company which all users in your company will share.

How do you allow users to vote multiple times, or change their vote? I am trying to get a poll setup that allows this, but cannot find an option anywhere…

There is no sweet middle in this. You can go off a cookie but then you can have bots voting. If you go by IP, you limit those who share a single IP… You could change the IP to id of a registered user, but people would have to register to vote… Of course, you can show then the voting only to those who logged on. (sure it will need some coding done)

Hi can someone tell me how to change this? I really want people to be able to vote fromt the same company or household. Is there no way to reset it so people can vote more than once?