How does CS-Cart know someone clicked on an affiliates link?

Can someone please tell me how CS-Cart associates banners with the right affiliate? and what is the Affilates Code used for? We are going to be promoting our site face to face at trade shows and want to have different promotional codes for different shows to see which ones bring the most visitors. How can we do this? Thanks to anyone who can lend insight.


Simplest way is to create a different banner for each campaign you’d like to track - but banners are the quickest way without cludging and cobbling what’s already there.

So - create an affiliate whose code you’d like to track.

Create a banner - use the affiliate account to grab the code for that banner.

Put that respective banner on your site.

The click is detected by javascript - the aff_id indicates the affiliate who gets the credit and the bid indicates the banner that was clicked on.

This is one of the downsides of the affiliate addon - it requires javascript availability.

If you look for other posts of mine, I found a way to have transactions register without going through the banner system (by just adding a getstring field=value) but this requires a code mod.