How do you ship large orders, Split shipping??

I currently use UPS for shipping. If i have an extra large order. My client has no shipping options. Because the 1 single package would be too large to ship through ups… but I don’t see why I can’t send multiple packages… can’t the ups module split it up if there are many small items?

No, it cannot. There are numerous threads in the forum discussing the lack of both dimensional shipping calculations and also multi-box shipments. There is also a feature request to add these in the UserVoice system - you can vote for this and also leave any comments/suggestion you might have:



Everything Bob said and:

Please do place your vote for this improvement in the Ideas section.

And, in the meantime if you need a fix for determining your maximum weight per carton settings now (which also eliminates the 150 Lb maximum shipment wt issue with UPS & Fedex in CS-Cart), then contact and tell them you need the “SmartShip Module” for CS-Cart.

They will most likely charge you $120.00 or less for this and it works flawlessly, was created using the addons method in CS-Cart and allows you to set the maximum weight per Pkg to whatever is optimal for your business. It also allows you to set these wts. seperately for both Fedex & UPS. Best $120.00 we could possible spend for our business! :wink:

As an example, I have set our maximum wt per package setting at 58 Lbs (best scenario for our business) and simulated / tested realtime rate calculations up to 5,000 Lbs, no problem whatsoever, it simply calculates & returns the rates as 86 cartons @ 58 Lbs each & 1 carton @ 12 Lbs, Awesome!

Hi, I am working with panaman (above) on this same issue.

Thanks Struck & Bob.

I did contact yesterday and requested the SmartShip Module as you instructed. I got this response.

“Unfortunately we don’t have SmartShip module for CS-Cart. However we are developing a new software which would include all features of SmartShip module we have for X-Cart.” Additionally in the response they offered custom development.

Struck, was the $120 you spent for an ‘out of the box solution’ that i am not seeing, or the custom work that they are offering.

THANKS in advance!


[QUOTE]Struck, was the $120 you spent for an ‘out of the box solution’ that i am not seeing, or the custom work that they are offering.[/QUOTE]


They considered it custom work, so the $120.00 I paid was to adapt the X-**** version of “SmartShip” to work with CS-Cart.

Again, they did an excellent job on this & they even utilized the CS-Cart “Addons” method to integrate.