How Do You Set Up Your Inventory

Luckily at the moment I only have around 600 products but that is going to grow to several thousand over the next 6 months. Already though, when I go to pack an order I am spending more and more time trying to find things in the store.

The product codes I use are those that the supplier uses so I can order from them with their product codes so I thought I would prefix each product code with my own. A simple numbering system like J1-, J2- etc. I could then have my products lined up in my store in numeric order making it easy to pick. However, each product is different size from a single book to a small SD card.

But then I thought that will be a nightmare figuring out what the next number is when putting a new product into cs-cart and I am now adding multiple new products every single day.

So, what system do you use? What is the easiest/best way that you have found to do it?

We use our own product codes and have an internal CRM/ERP where we keep the supplier code. We use barcodes and our own product code to identify and sell. When purchasing we use not only the suppliers product code but also the suppliers product name. Ordering only by product code can lead to mistakes.

We do not show product codes in CS-Cart retail stares. We will show product codes in our CSC wholesale store.

Our product codes are numbers like this

First 3 digits indicate product category

The 3 digits after that indicate the product

The last 2 digits indicate the variant.

All our inventory lists, catalog, pricelists and warehouse locations are in order of product code.

Dear Ibaker,

Have you heard about the BrightPearl system?

Check the link, maybe this system will help you.

Note, that we have a modification “CS-Cart integration with BrightPearl” CS-Cart integration with Brightpearl

Best regards, Alt-team.