How do you process orders?


I am curious as to how others process their orders.

We ship only with USPS, and we currently use Dazzle designer by DYMO Endicia. We manually copy the customer address into the software and print the label with a thermal printer, then manually copy the tracking number into the admin and create a new shipment.

Is there software the integrates with CS-Cart so we can print a shipping label and a invoice in sync, and to also batch print?

Thank you

No one here gets any orders?

So far we do the same with our website orders. However as we move to CS-Cart I want to get integration between CS-Cart and our DYMO labelprinters, so that the address labels are automatically printed out.

I also want to automatize the printing of the customer invoice copies (needed for customs) and UPS/TNT/DHL/FEDEX shipping forms, as that takes up way to much time currently.

I have seen some old software that has some integration and a member on here is also working on integrating some services. But I have not seen a complete solution. All available solutions are SaaS, so if they go offline, you have a problem with your orders. I would really like to see a solution that can be bought and installed on my servers.

Such solution would be very helpful, as it saves a shipping dept a lot of time with printing, filling out forms and entering the shipments into the shipping service its system.

As business picks up, we are looking for new ways to improve our processing methods.

If anyone can post their solutions it would be helpful :)

printing to thermal printers from a web browser is problematic and many times won't yield the quality requirements of the shippers…

That being said, for my clients, I usually create an addon that will export order data to a CSV for those orders in a specified status.

When the CSV is create, the orders move to a different status so there are no dups.

This CSV is then imported into or other shipping carriers (UPS Worldship, etc.).

Most shipping carrier software can generate a csv with the order ID and the tracking number.

This CSV is then imported and the shipments are created and order status is again changed in the orders and shipment email can be fired off to the customer that includes the tracking info.

That's the gist of what I've done and it is generally fairly portable across versions (though haven't done it on an ultimate site yet, but that should be fairly straight-forward)

And of course, you can use an external order and inventory management system that will handle shipping, payment, refunds and all the other business stuff that cs-cart only really touches on.

I had a programmer friend create a csv export of all our daily orders in a status of “processing” - we import that .csv to our Australia Post account (web browser based) and it auto-completes addresses as our staff type them in. They then print off a consignment label that gets affixed to the box.

Lastly, the staff go back and mark orders as “Sent” and as they do, they paste the consigment number into the Comments field of the order.

The next day, we wake up and repeat the process. :-)

We have started getting lots of orders recently and are wasting hours printing address labels and writing product names on the back of each label.

Is there a way to make cs-cart communicate directly with a label printer through an API (we own a Zebra printer) and automatically print an addresses label for each order along with the respective ordered item names?

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.