How Do You Eu Marketplace Owners Invoice Your Vendors?

Hi community,

I'm a new user, currently evaluating the multivendor demo.

In the EU, whenever any business entity sends money to another business entity, they are both legally obliged to submit the accompanying sales invoice (including VAT) into their tax accounting.
Usually the seller creates this invoice, which is paid by the buyer.

So if a (EU)multivendor marketplace has (EU)vendors, it is a B2B relation between marketplace and each vendor. So any monthly payout to a vendor, must always be accompanied by a VAT invoice.
To make it even more interesting, in our case the marketplace which is paying the money, is ideally also the one who is creating the invoices (because this way is usually more efficient than teaching all your vendors on how to create correct VAT invoices). This is called "reverse invoicing".

I have spent several hours today searching the cs-cart documentation, and the add-ons marketplace, but I can't find any mention of creating commission PDF invoices from marketplace to vendors.

Are there any EU marketplace administrators willing to shine a light on how they handle this process in CS-cart, or with what custom addon / external software? Thank you so much for your time!

Looking for the same. Any Idea how to make it ?

the next problem is. charge VAT on Monthly fee and sales commission and deduct from vendors payout


Starting from version 4.14.1, you can assign taxes on refilling vendor balance, by ticking in the Taxes on refilling balance checkbox at the Vendor-to-admin payments add-on's settings page.

As for the PDF invoices, you can use the PDF Documents add-on, and in the settings of the order notification select to attach PDF Invoice:

I hope it will help you.

that is basically wrong, you can not charge taxes on a filling balance amount. this is just charging your account, there is no service or product you pay for…