How do we have our NEW skin appears in the skin selector in the Admin Panel?

I made a new skin and wanted to have it listed under skin selector in the admin panel. How do i have it there? any help would be much appreciated.

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Please let me explain how it works on the whole:

The “var/skins_repository” directory stores all skins which can be installed. There is the “base” subdirectory that contains all default templates. All other subdirectories (“default_green”, “aquarelle_pink”, “new_vision_blue” etc) contain only templates different from the default ones. In other words, when you select Aquarelle or New Vision skin, CS-Cart copies the content of the “base” directory to the “skin” one and then overwrites it with the content of the “new_vision_blue” (depending on selected skin name) subdirectory from the “skin_repository” one. Hope that makes sense.

To add a new skin to the list of available skins which are displayed in the drop-down select box during installation and on the “Skin selector” page in the admin panel, you need to do the following:

a) Open the “var/skins_repository” directory on your server (via server Cpanel or FTP access). Create the “new_skin” directory in the “var/skins_repository” one.

B) Copy the content of the “var/skins_repository/basic” directory to the “var/skins_repository/new_skin” one

c) Go to the “new_skin” directory and create “manifest.ini” file with the following content:

<br />
description = "Your skin full name"<br />
admin = "N"<br />
customer = "Y"<br />

```<br />
<br />
If there is "customer_screenshot.png" image in the same directory, the image will be displayed below " Skin for the customer area" drop-down select box when you select "Your skin full name" skin in it. For instance, have a look at "customer_screenshot.png" file located in "var/skins_repository/basic" directory.<br />
<br />
3) Then open "Skin selector" page (the link to this page is under the "Design" tab) in your CS-Cart admin panel. There is a list of all available skins in the "Skin for customer area" drop-down select box. Select "Your_skin_full_name" skin from the list and click on "Save" button at the bottom. Your skin will be installed in the "skins" directory (there will be "new_skin" directory created automatically).<br />
<br />
Now you can modify templates under "skins/new_skin" directory. Then you should copy the modified templates to "var/skins_repository/new_skin" directory keeping files and directory structure. So if someone copies "new_skin" directory to "var/skins_repository" directory on his server, he will be able to have the same look and feel you designed.<br />
<br />
I hope that will make sense.