How do i set up shipping TBA

I need customers to place an order, but shipping to be advised and placed in later.

Is it possible with major hax?


Alot will depend upon the actual payment method which will be used in your store for these orders.

For example, if your will be mailing invoices out to your customers for payment, then it gives you much more flexibility vs. realtime credit card transactions which have caps on the final amount between Authorization vs Capture.

You can easily create a new Shipping Method named something like “Shipping Rate to be Determined” setup using the Manual rate calculation to charge a 0.00 amount, however it still boils down to how you will deal with collecting payment for these secondary shipping charges.

Additionally, you can mod the store to look at the shipping method during checkout and if it's the targeted one that's selected, change the CC processor to an offline processor type. This will allow the CC info to be collected, but never sent to the processor until you do it manually.

Thanks, I am currently using offline processing

Problem is shows Freight = $0.00 I know some stupid customer will see that as free freight

Looks I have to mod checkout to look the shipping method and change the Freight = TBA