How do i set go Home in categories menu

Hi everybody,

With Categories top menu, i want to add item “Home” as link go to homepage. Anybody help me set ?

I developed my site with CS cart 3.0.1.

Tks all.

I am having this problem also. I want to put links to static pages alongside the category links. I can make menus that have one or the other.

This was very easy to do in the 2.2.4 but seems to be impossible to do in 3.01. Any help will be much appreciated.

i have 2.2.4 and want to add some pages to the top menu. in this area

Activate menu tab for - Specify the pages on which to display the tab as active (e.g. sitemap.view).

I need to know how to name it for static pages, like faq.html, or warranty.html

Hope you can help since you said it is easy in this version