How do I reply to support on this site?

I have an open ticket that I need to reply to but after logging in to the help desk and clicking the mesage link, I see no reply link or button. :confused: Is anyone else having the same problem?

Did they resolve the ticket maybe? Is there a “Reopen Ticket” link at the very top?

No, the status is “open”. There’s no link to re-open it.

to the right of the message there is typically an icon for the reply - clicking that will even write the name of the support tech who responded initially.

If this is not showing up for you, I would suggest just opening a new ticket and going from there

good luck

Nope, no icon and no ability to open a new ticket. Clicking Submit a ticket from the home page of CS Cart’s help desk leads to the “Communication” area but it only shows my open tickets, no ability to start a new one. This is a new support area, I think there is a bug.

Also, my support days have not run out, I have 30 days left. This is the 3rd license I purchased. Weird…

I have an area to submit a new ticket under the existing ticket when I am in the Communication area. What browser are you using? Maybe try another browser and see if things are different.


Thanks for the idea but no luck in Firefox either.

Can someone from cs-cart help with this? I still don’t have the ability to reply to communication messages in the customer help desk.

Thank you.

You should contact CS-Cart directly since the developers do not really frequent these forums which are primarily meant for user interaction.