How do I remove "Sign in to view price"

How do I remove “Sign in to view price” so that there is nothing there at all? But when the customer is registered I want it to show the prices.

Right now I have gone into Setting>User/cart>allow shopping for unlogged customers, and selected Hide price and the “add to cart” button. But it now shows that “Sign in to view price”, which I don't want.



You could just search for Sign In in your languages under Administration and then just remove the value. Then it would still technically be there since the coding hasn't been changed, but nothing would actually show up.

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Or have the product not be associated with specific usergroups.

brandonvd, Do I delete the who value including the [ and ] ?

tbirnseth, Or have the product not be associated with specific user groups.

Where about's do I go to do this change? So that only logged in customers can see the price. And while your at it, can it be set so that a customer needs my approval of their account before I grant them access to prices etc.

Yes, you would want to remove the whole thing and put in the code I gave you.



Not prepared to give you a tutorial here. Either go read the documents and/or research by searching the KB or this forum.

When you create a product you define what (if any) usergroups it is available to (All by default). And, you can set pricing by group in the prices area.

I know I need different user groups but I can't seem to make a new one. Do I need the full version software not community to make new user groups?

sorry, I don't know what's in the community edition or not.