How Do I Remove Add Ons In 3.0.6 ?

I just don't have any use for some of the add ons.

I can see the Addons folder at root so deleting each add on folder is not a problem BUT

is there anywhere else that related files might be ?

Var/skins_repository/basic/[customer, mail or admin]/addons/[add-on name]

Thanks tbirnseth.

Now a question born of my fear of breaking something…

Are these mentioned folders 'independant' ?

Deleting them won't make something else fall over will it ?

I am deleting them because I have heard they consume processing resources

even if uninstalled. If not I will just leave them be.

Never accessed if not installed and active. A disabled add-on will still have it's menu schema active but none of the code or templates are accessible.

Thanks again for your time.