How do I modify for a carpet shop?


I have been right through this and I cannot work it out.

The software is perfect but it cannot do what I need, any ideas how I may do it:

  1. At the moment the customer can order a product and a quantity. Well I sell carpets and they come in different sizes.

    What I need is a dropdown box so that a customer can select which width they need and then a text box to type in the length of the carpet. (All in square metres).

    I would also need checkboxes in the admin area product add/edit page to select which widths are available on that carpet.

    When they press a calculate button it will work out the total square metres they require and a price based on this.

    The formula might be something like: width x length = totallength THEN totallength x price = totalprice.

    This would only apply to the carpets category as other products in other categories are sold as single units.

    Please let me know if this is possible/if it is how… or if you can do it please let me know.

    An example of how this works is on [url][/url]

    Many Thanks,


If I remember correctly Joe once custom made something like this.

You could try PMing him… he’s very good.

Ah-ha that would be great. What is his Username and did he post it on the net as an addon for download at all do you know?


His username is just Joe