How do I insert text here...


Please find attached screenshot which shows very clear what I mean.

Box is also a little bit bigger and it matches very nice on website I took this screenshot. Originally text is from one side of the box to another. Due to privacy reason I erased part of text, leaving only part to show here what I mean.

Thank You for any help:p




I assume you are on the product details page so simply update your product_details.tpl file

there will be this code for the button:

{capture name=‘ajax_add_to_cart’}{if $settings.DHTML.ajax_add_to_cart == ‘Y’}true{else}false{/if}{/capture}

{include file=“buttons/add_to_cart.tpl” but_onclick=“fn_add_to_cart($product.product_id, $smarty.capture.ajax_add_to_cart);”}

and you can add a block of code under it, to accomplish adding something to that area… hope this is what you are looking for?

good luck

DELTA9000 Thank You,

This page is product page where you have “Discription”/“Send To Friend”/Review"

Where is space for text? Where should I insert it? Im sorry but dont know much about this coding. I would like to insert text as shown on screenshot, under Add to Cart. Thanks again for help


you need to update the file skins/XXXX/customer/products_pages/product_details.tpl

open the file in your editor

if you have never updated it, you will want to add this text on line 158

you can do something simple like this:

SHIP TODAY-GUARANTEE... more to go here

save the file and upload
should do the job for you.


Thank You again. I opened in admin this file but have no idea where is line 158. There are no numbers so it is not easy to find it.

What was this:

[QUOTE]here will be this code for the button:

{capture name='ajax_add_to_cart'}{if $settings.DHTML.ajax_add_to_cart == 'Y'}true{else}false{/if}{/capture}
{include file="buttons/add_to_cart.tpl" but_onclick="fn_add_to_cart(`$product.product_id`, `$smarty.capture.ajax_add_to_cart`);"}


Should I do this as well?
I don`t want to have message on all boxes, but only on specific product. let`s say one will be available 5 days after oredr and another one will be ready to ship within 24h.

Thanks again for help