How do I get enlarged image to take up the width of the screen?

If you click on the link below, I would really like this same effect for my website, where you click on the image of the motorcycle jacket and it goes into a full screen shot. You click on the enlarged jacket, and you can see the front of it. You get out of it by clicking the X in the top right corner. Does anyone know what I would have to do in order to get an effect similar to this one?

Did you check under product? Under images tab. additional images- Popup image?

zeero6 Thanks for your answer. Yes I have looked under Images > Popup Image, but this isn't what I'm looking for. Maybe there is an add on that I need. I just can't find it. I am looking to make my pictures exactly like the ones on the original link posted.

Make your detailed image the same size as that one (1000 x 1000)and upload it, then set your image dimensions under settings to be 1000px wide

it is only the same, a popup but huge.


johnbol1 I have over 30,000 products on the site. Do I have to go through and upload a new detailed image for each? :-(

no, but you will probably need to change all the image on your server. Do you have your images at the sizes needed, if so youwill have to upload them to a folder the just import them via admin>import>images via a csv , but before you do make sure you change the setting in the image settings tab to be the size you want… you could try just changing this first and checking out one of the images o see how it look before doing any import.