How Do I Enable Manual Prices For Multiple Currencies?


I need to enable Euro pricing for a store I manage. These prices will sit alongside their GBP (default) ones. I can enable multiple currencies, which is fine, but I need to manually enter a price for Euros rather than relying on currency conversion. How would I achieve this with CS-Cart?

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I checked marketplace and failed to find such a module. Developers only offer to use one currency per product

There is no table of prices other than for the primary currency. All other currencies are calculated based on rates. You'd probably have to use the 'get_product_price_post' hook to determine if the current currency setting is X and if so, re-calculate 'price' based on a reverse conversion of the current rate. You will want to ensure that this is conditional upon AREA == 'C' and !defined('ORDER_MANAGEMENT').

But there are probably a lot of corner cases you will discover and all bets are off for payment methods that utilize a currency other than the primary.

I'd also be interested in an add-on that can do this. This way you can show nice looking prices in other currencies.

We have the Modification Price by Country.

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