How Do I Create A Product With An Optional 1 Time Set Up Fee. Cs-Cart

Hello -

Does anyone know how I would create a product with a 1 time set up fee in CS-Cart.

For example.

A customer is ordering T- Shirts.

I would like them to have the following options

1. Choose to pay a 1 time art set up fee of $25 if they are ordering less than 20 T-Shirts.

2. Choose to get a FREE art set up fee If they order over 20 T-Shirts

3. Choose to use our stock art with NO SET UP FEE

Currently if I set these up as options, CS Cart charges the Art Fee of $25 on all 20 shirts.

($500 instead of $25)

Any help, advice or 3rd party add-on would be appreciated.

We use CS Cart Ultimate. Current version.



Us promotions with a negative bonus


Thanks for the suggestion. Have been working on this for the last hour.

I could not get the promotion to appear on a specific product detail page or category.

I read and followed the instructions on this page

Will contact CS-Cart Support for more information. I appreciate your input!

Have a great day.

You should be using a "catalog promotion", not a "cart promotion". You should see results on the products.view page on the customer side. It could be that cs-cart is not allowing a negative bonus. If so, you might have to use a php hook to apply it after the calculate the bonus. I.e. if you want a $6 increase, in price, setup a promotion to discount by $6 and then look at the promotions returned for a product and if it's the promotion you're looking for adjust the bonus to be negatvie $6.

Promotions can be pretty convoluted and require a lot of fiddling to get what you want (I.e. time consuming). But I think you should be able to get there with promotions.

Alternatively you can set the price at the price + $6 and then discount it at $6 * (quantity - 1).

Hey EZ

Those are great suggestions.

After considering all options, our easiest solution

was to create 2 different products.

Product #1 = Shirt with custom art. $25 cost worked into the lower price discounts

(Example if 5 shirts are normally $15 each then we raised the price to $20 each,)

After 20 shirts the art cost is factored out.

Product #2 = Shirt with stock art or just lettering at standard pricing

In the long run, this will be less confusing for our customers.

CS-Cart or a third party should come up with an add-on for this option.

Thanks for your help.